“Dr. Armstrong, while being an amazing educator and leader is an even better human being, displaying empathy, grace, humility, and servility to be able to listen, connect and reach all stakeholders, to be able to make a real impact and difference. In my experience in working with educators, leaders, and stakeholders from around the world and across all sectors, from the White House to the schoolhouse, there is none greater.“
-Hamish Brewer, Principal/Speaker

“His commitment to supporting excellence in school leadership is demonstrated in the work he has accomplished as the At-Large Middle Level Director. As a fellow Middle School Principal, I appreciate his advocacy for Middle Level Leaders in the organization. With his work in the organization, Middle School Principals have a platform, a voice and way to collaborate with each other. “
-Jessica Cabeen, Principal/Speaker

“Dr. Armstrong is first and foremost a fantastic leader in his school and district at DuPont Hadley Middle School. He has implemented innovative programs to engage students and increase ownership in self-improvement. He has always carried himself with dignity and treated others with respect and kindness. His legacy of leadership, service, and professionalism is a role model for others.”
-Dr. Andy Jacks, Principal/Speaker, Nokesville School

“I’ve watched Dr. Armstrong bring communities together by listening to teachers, staff and families, responding creatively to challenges, and building capacity in other leaders, all with the goal of making sure every student is known and supported. Having grown up here in Nashville and graduated from our schools, he understands the community he serves and brings great stability, character, and resilience to the work he does every day.”
-Dr. Adrienne Battle, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools Superintendent

Dr. Armstrong is a visionary leader who leads through listening. Dupont Hadley Middle Schools is one of the strongest middle schools in the state of Tennessee. It is a large, highly diverse middle school, and Dr. Armstrong has continued to improve academic performance at the school. He masterfully builds rapport with political leaders, parents, staff, and students. He has a clear focus on instructional improvement within the school.“
-Dr. Shawn Joseph, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, Administration and Policy at Howard University

“I am struck by his ability to listen, reflect and respond during conversations regarding student learning, staff learning and student achievement. I found and have continued to find Kevin to be passionate about our work, consistent in his efforts, accomplishments and enthusiastic about new ideas and honing ones that are in place.”
-Dr. Greg Hutchings, Educational Consultant/Author

“What makes Dr. Armstrong unique is that he can teach students and adults alike. I have been fortunate to sit at his feet as a learner and observe him working his magic with students. As a result of his mentoring and leadership, I have watched school leaders’ confidence grow, learn to analyze data better, and use their findings to strengthen their school communities.”
-Dr. Darwin Mason Jr., Head of Middle School, Ensworth School

“Dr. Armstrong is a visionary leader. He sees the potential in students and staff and puts supports into place that guide you to greatness. I believe many times you don’t realize how integral he is to your professional growth until you look back and are like “Oh, now I get it”! It is his vision, that has led DuPont Hadley to be one of the top performing schools within our district. He is truly a great principal and one who I aspire to emulate.”
-Ashlie Jackson, District Lead STEM Coach/Former Blue Ribbon Teacher, Nashville, TN

“Dr. Armstrong has been a great influence on my life. The impact he has had on me and so many others who come from similar circumstances is remarkable. His ability to relate and display patience is something I truly appreciate. I am very thankful for the sacrifices he has made throughout his life to be there for those who need him.”
-Benny Cunningham, former student, retired NFL player